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Have your own car fleet to share on Turo?

Meet your personal fleets accountant!

Save money for hiring. Build your business reports with one click. See cars load, plan your cash flow with Fleetsy!


See your profitability, instantly

Still using sheets to make sense of your expenses, extra payments and income from trips? Wonder what your real profitability is? Fleetsy has all the answers.

mobile dashboard
  • Gain a full understanding of your cash flow at a glance

  • See what’s impacting your bottom line

  • Track your revenue monthly or select a specific period


Manage your claims effortlessly

Claims details spread across emails, papers, and notes? We’ve got you covered.

  • Create and update records in a few taps, on the go

  • Track how claims impact your profits. Add a deductible and see your actual loss

  • Easily access claims history using a Turo claim number

claim cardmobile claim
expense cardmobile expense

Automate and gain control of your expenses

Tracking your recurring costs has never been easier - Fleetsy does the hard part for you

  • Keep track of everything (insurance, maintenance) at hand

  • Create your custom categories coming soon

  • See all your recurring expenses in one place

  • Never miss a date. Set a reminder and receive notifications of incoming expenses on a monthly or per mile basis

More features filters

Data and filters
Profit prediction
Depreciation calculation
Attaching photo receipts
Mileage tracking

Slice and dice data on your terms

What if I want to see a detailed picture of my Turo activities? Filter by car, vehicle status, and date? Easy!

  • Use built-in filters to segment records and trips for your own needs
  • Don’t worry about your old trips data. Even if your car is removed from Turo,an entire trip history is backed up by Fleetsy and available to you

Unlock co-hosting

Have a fleet to co-host? Can’t wrap your head around splitting revenue? Get a clear picture of the multiple fleets you manage.

Simply select the cars that are co-hosted, and depending on your agreement, specify the fee type (percentage fee or flat fare) and the monthly payment date. Enter the data and we’ll do all the math and remind you about the upcoming payout.


Predict your earnings

Turo business is all about seasonality. Wonder what revenue to expect?

With only 4+ months of records, Fleetsy spots seasonality patterns for you to plan future cash flow based on your actual data.


Leverage the calendar to your advantage

Wonder how manageable your fleet load is? Have personnel to assist with cars? Meet fleet calendar you can rely on.

  • Determine your fleet load instantly
  • With Fleetsy automatically breaking down your reservations - planning maintenance becomes so much easier
  • Switch between weekly and list views depending on your needs

Calculate depreciation effortlessly

Need to factor in depreciation, but confused by perplexing formulas? Fleetsy takes care of it.

  • Fueled by analytics and research, Fleetsy calculates depreciation based on the make and model. Just enter the vehicle's purchase price and time owned - we’ll handle the rest
  • Whether you want to purchase or sell a car, we'll build a depreciation chart for you, so you will know the actual value of your car

Reimbursements included

Worried about forgetting about a reimbursement? No sweat with Fleetsy.

For a given trip, as soon as the invoice gets approved, your fees such as smoking, cleaning or refueling are transferred to Fleetsy. We’ll automatically factor it in for your profit and loss.


Attaching photo receipts as easy as pie

Have an assistant handling tasks and payments? Need more transparency? Attach receipts with ease.

  • Upload one or more receipts for expenses or claims
  • Access them whenever you need it
  • Use your format of choice - image, pdf or simply use your mobile camera

Keep track of your miles and chill

Need an accurate way to track your mileage? No problem.

  • Fleetsy calculates all the miles so you can use them to claim a mileage tax deduction
  • No more OBD tracker integrations draining your battery
  • We keep track of total mileage, but if you took a car from your fleet for a family trip - no worries, used miles can be recorded manually

Fleetsy Advantages flame


All your Turo data in one place

Fleetsy stores your entire Turo history - trips, income, reimbursements, etc., so that you can access them whenever you need to


Intuitive and hassle-free P&L reporting

Stay on top of your profitability. Get rid of messy spreadsheets


Easy mobile experience

Everything you need to manage a Turo business is in your pocket. Track your revenue, add expenses, monitor your fleet - all while on the go

dashboard cardmobile dashboard

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